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Gift Real Estate PLC (GRE) operates within the real estate development sector in Ethiopia and is a part of the Gift Group, a holding firm established initially as Gift Trading approximately 30 years ago during the early 1990s by its founder and Managing Director, Ato Gebreyesus Igata. Ato Gebreyesus Igata has been involved in business since childhood and has extensive experience in various countries.

GRE is dedicated to the development and provision of high-quality, affordable residential and commercial real estate facilities for middle and high-income groups. Additionally, GRE offers modern property management and related services, contributing significantly to the overall real estate development and hospitality industry.

Position 1: Senior Secretary


Organizing schedules and arranging meetings for senior managers

Providing administrative support to senior management, including managing calendars, answering phones, and ordering supplies

Coordinating travel arrangements for executives, including reservations and itineraries

Planning special events such as meetings or company dinners

Managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments, and directing calls appropriately


Bachelor’s degree in Office Management, Secretarial Science, or related field

Minimum of 6 years of relevant experience, preferably in corporate settings

Outstanding abilities in communication, organization, and meticulous attention to detail.

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 2: Graphics Design & Office Assistance


Acting as a creative and organizational support for various teams to achieve corporate objectives

Handling graphics design tasks and providing general office assistance as needed


Bachelor’s degree in Architecture

At least two years of applicable work experience is required.

Good communication skills

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 3: Business Development Analyst


Researching, analyzing, and recommending strategies for optimizing current and new business lines to drive sustainable growth and profitability

Collaborating with the business development unit to align strategies with corporate objectives


Master’s degree in Economics, Management, Business Administration, or related field

At least eight  years of applicable work experience is required.

Excellent communication, analytical, and research skills

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 4: Executive Assistance for Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO)


Providing comprehensive support to the Group CEO, Board of Directors, and executive team

Managing the GCEO’s office operations, coordinating with executives and stakeholders, and handling confidential matters with professionalism


Master’s/Bachelor’s degree in Office Management, Secretarial Science, Management, or related field

8/6 years of relevant working experience, preferably in corporate settings

Strong hospitality skills and ability to maintain confidentiality

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 5: Property Management Manager


Planning, organizing, and overseeing all property management operations, including leasing, asset valuation, interior design, and landscaping

Managing the company’s property portfolio and providing property management services to clients


MBA/Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field

8/10 years of relevant working experience

Strong knowledge of property management principles and regulations, leadership skills, and excellent communication abilities

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline for applications: February 22, 2024

Application Procedure:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to submit their application, CV, and pertinent documents either in person or through email to within a span of 7 working days from the issuance of this notice. Submissions can be made physically at the headquarters of Gift Real Estate PLC situated on Bole Road, adjacent to Getu Commercial Center, within Behar Building on the 8th floor, Room No 803. For inquiries, please contact us at Tel. 0114655580.

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