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DHL stands as the foremost global logistics firm, supported by a team of over 395,000 professionals spanning across 220 countries and territories. Each day, we strive to facilitate seamless border crossings, access to new markets, and the expansion of businesses worldwide. Additionally, we cater to simpler tasks like sending letters to your loved ones.

Our workforce, comprising more than 395,000 transport experts worldwide, shares a deep commitment to the field of logistics. Operating within an environment that combines the agility of a startup with the global reach of a large organization, DHL prides itself on its innovative approach.

Position: Senior Credit Collector


Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or related fields

Experience Level:

Minimum of 2 years


Oversee the daily management of Credit and Collections and Accounts Receivable (OTC) processes to mitigate risks, ensure prompt repayments, accurately record transactions, minimize losses, and effectively collect overdue payments

Serve as a liaison and exert influence across various specialist departments and external service providers

Develop processes and advocate for the acceptance of new ideas, practices, and approaches

Forge strong, collaborative relationships with DHL managers across different functions

Understand the interests and concerns of customers and key stakeholders, offering guidance to direct reports, customers, and stakeholders

Analyze and implement processes such as customer credit approval verification

Address and resolve escalated customer issues, including billing disputes, overdue payments, data quality issues, and the need for remedial actions

Offer coaching to employees regarding Credit and Collections as well as Accounts Receivable (OTC) procedures, and provide technical support to supervisors.

Follow up with customers via reminder letters and emails to address outstanding accounts

Overall Purpose: Manage day-to-day operations of Credit & Collections / Accounts Receivable (OTC) processes to mitigate risks, ensure timely repayments, minimize losses, and effectively collect overdue payments in accordance with internal and external policies, regulations, and compliance requirements

How to Apply:

Please click the link below to upload your resume and proceed with the application process. Resume upload is mandatory for application completion.

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