dafa soap and detergent vacancy 2024

Dafa Soap And Detergent Manufacturing PLC operates as a mid-sized producer of synthetic detergent powder, housing two well-known brands, SUPPOW& AZZY.

This marks STPP Group’s initial investment outside of China, signifying its inaugural global expansion and downstream venture. DAFA Company specializes in the production and distribution of washing powder and various liquid detergents. Its SUPPOW and AZZY brands have swiftly gained popularity among local consumers, securing a 25% market share shortly after their launch. Additionally, the company acts as a service center for STPP Group, catering to its customers in the Pan-Africa region.

Position 1: Office Assistant (Female Only)

Job Description:


  • Proficiency in English and Amharic, encompassing listening, speaking, and writing, with the ability to accurately translate between the two.
  • Competent in computer skills, particularly in Word and Excel.
  • College degree or above, no prior work experience required; fresh graduates are preferred.
  • Possesses positive personality traits, including confidence, diligence, reliability, and a proactive work attitude.
  • Willingness to work overtime if daily tasks are not completed.
  • The company does not provide meals and accommodation.

Age: Under 28 years old

Gender: Female

Position 2: Security Guards


  • Preferably a veteran.
  • High school education or higher, with an understanding of English and Amharic, and basic English-speaking ability.
  • Good physical health, ability to follow instructions, able to provide a clean criminal record certificate and a guarantor.
  • Number of Required Guards: 1 man and 1 woman

Age: Under 38 years old, willing to work night shifts.

Salary: Net pay around 5000 birr

Deadline: January 21, 2024

How to Apply: If you are interested in the positions we are recruiting for, please send your resume to the following email addresses: dafa.intl.eth@gmail.com or 576110182@qq.com. Thank you!

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