Purpose Black Vacancy

Purposeblack, initiated in May 2020 by a collective of over 130 Black experts, is dedicated to addressing critical issues faced by Black communities globally. As its name suggests, Purposeblack aims to tackle economic challenges among Black populations worldwide.

Position 1: Director of Operations

Job Brief:

Purposeblack Ethiopia seeks an experienced Director of Operations for its upcoming Bee Channel (Black Economy Excellence) media production.


Develop and implement operational strategies to ensure efficient functioning of the media production company.

Optimize operational efficiency by overseeing budgeting, resource allocation, and performance assessment.

Guide and inspire a team of staff members to uphold high standards of productivity, creativity, and quality.

Represent the company in external meetings, conferences, and events to foster relationships and promote operational excellence.

Collaborate with stakeholders, partners, clients, and industry experts to achieve operational goals and drive growth.

Prepare and deliver reports to senior management, stakeholders, and relevant parties to provide updates on operational performance.

Arrange interviews with media channels, reporters, and professionals in the field to advocate for operational endeavors.

Implement policies, procedures, and initiatives to enhance operational effectiveness, innovation, and competitiveness in media production.


Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5+ years of experience in the media industry.

Proficient in English with excellent writing and communication abilities.

Capable of delivering reports, conducting interviews, and executing strategies with efficacy.

Demonstrates robust leadership and managerial competencies.

Skilled in financial management and budgeting.

Well-versed in media industry trends and adept in applying best practices.

Experience in implementing strategies to enhance operational performance and drive growth.

Position 2: Director of Finance


Oversee financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Develop marketing strategies and campaigns.

Manage financial reporting, analysis, and compliance.

Lead marketing initiatives to enhance visibility.

Collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders.

Present financial reports and marketing plans.

Conduct interviews to gather insights.

Implement financial controls and marketing strategies.


Bachelor’s degree and at least 5+ years of experience in the media industry.

Proficient in English with excellent writing and communication abilities.

Strong financial acumen and analytical skills.

Knowledge of financial concepts and marketing best practices.

Proficiency in financial analysis tools and project management software.

Position 3: Director of Development


Lead development efforts.

Develop and execute strategic plans.

Collaborate with internal teams.

Build and maintain relationships.

Conduct market research and analysis.

Present development plans and progress reports.

Manage project timelines and budgets.

Stay informed about industry trends.


Bachelor’s degree and at least 5+ years of experience in the media industry.

Proficient in English with excellent writing and communication abilities.

Strong business development acumen.

Knowledge of media production processes.

Proficiency in project management tools.

Position 4: Media Senior Secretary


Provide administrative support.

Write reports and communicate effectively.

Coordinate and conduct interviews.

Assist with media projects.

Maintain confidentiality and professionalism.


Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

5+ years of experience in media production.

Fluent in English writing and communication.

Strong organizational skills.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.

Position 5: Director of Marketing


Develop and implement marketing strategies.

Lead a team of marketing professionals.

Collaborate with stakeholders.

Analyze audience data and market trends.

Track and report key performance metrics.


Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field.

5+ years of experience in media marketing.

Strong understanding of digital marketing.

Excellent communication and leadership skills.

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: April 18, 2024

How to Apply:

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are invited to submit their CV along with copies of non-returnable credentials to the following address:

Email: michael.masresha@purposeblack.et

Address: Lideta Sub City, Sengatera Negadewoch Union Building, Fifth Floor – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Note: Practical experience is mandatory. Please send your CV, educational certificates, and work experience documents via the provided email.

for job notifications join telegram https://t.me/kenajob

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