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The Ministry of Health strives to enhance the health and wellness of Ethiopians by overseeing and delivering a comprehensive range of health services, encompassing promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, in a fair and equitable manner. This involves formulating health policies and guidelines, determining intervention priorities, and securing financial resources. The Regional Health Bureaus under the Ministry’s jurisdiction are tasked with executing the national health policy within their respective regions. These bureaus are responsible for devising and executing plans, as well as assessing the effectiveness of the healthcare system.

vacancy at ministry of health ethiopia

Position 1: Regional Grant/Finance Coordinator

Job Responsibilities:

Formulate disbursement plans and oversee fund disbursement.
Monitor budget controls, ensuring expenditures align with approved budgets.
Generate accurate and timely financial reports for relevant authorities.
Manage long-term and short-term cash flow projections to monitor balances.
Ensure accounts are audit-ready and address audit findings and recommendations.
Reconcile FMOH advances accounts with regions and agencies.
Coordinate the implementation of accounting and control procedures.
Analyze and review budget and expenditure, ensuring accuracy in accounting system reports.
Prepare and review budget invoices and other accounting documents.
Ensure compliance with financial and grant management requirements of donors.
Resolve accounting discrepancies and recommend improvements to financial databases and systems.
Harmonize financial reporting systems for government and SDG funds.
Oversee the input and management of financial data and reports. Collaborate with both internal and external auditors to facilitate the completion of audits.
Reconcile and liquidate funds.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:

Hold an MA/MSc/MBA Degree in Accounting and Finance or Business Administration with 10 years of proven experience.
Mandatory 6 years of relevant experience as a senior accountant.
Adherence to Civil Service and MoH/RHB Human Resource Development rules and regulations.
Willingness to adapt to TOR revisions based on emerging priorities.
Salary: Birr39,149.00
Job location: Oromia Regional Health Bureau, Addis Ababa

Position 2: Senior Gender and Human Rights Technical Advisor


Collaborate with WSA inclusion executive and team to develop strategies aligned with Gender mainstreaming and Human right officer goals.
Provide strategic analysis and recommendations for improved programming based on field needs.
Deliver support, training, and technical assistance to the health workforce on gender and related topics.
Ensure gender integration in day-to-day activities.
Assist departments in gender mainstreaming, emphasizing program implications and revising gender-sensitive indicators.
Design and implement training programs on gender and human rights for the health workforce.
Generate regular reports on WSA executive activities.
Participate in gender-related events and network within the country for updates on gender-related development.

Job Requirements:

A Bachelor’s or Master’s qualification in disciplines such as Gender Studies, Human Rights, Sociology, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Special Needs, Political Sciences, or Public Health is required. Alternatively, a minimum of 12 years of experience for a Bachelor’s degree or 10 years of relevant work experience in fields like human rights, gender affairs, GBV, or social inclusion will be considered.

Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in computer literacy, including the effective use of MS-Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as competence in internet/email systems. Familiarity with additional statistical analysis packages is advantageous.

Adherence to Civil Service and MoH rules and regulations.
Willingness to adapt to TOR revisions based on emerging priorities.
Salary: 37,610.00 ETB
Job location: Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa

Deadline: Jan 22, 2024

How To Apply:

Interested and qualifying applicants should submit their applications, indicating the Title of the Position, along with non-returnable CVs and copies of educational and work experience credentials to the Competency and Human Resource Administration Executive Officer from January 17, 2024, to January 27, 2024. Women are encouraged to apply. Not adhering to instructions could lead to disqualification. We strongly encourage eligible women to submit their applications.
Competency and Human Resource Administration
Executive Officer, First Building, Ground Floor

Ministry of Health-Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

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