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Frontieri Consult Job Openings

Position 1: Senior Business Development Officer

Qualifications and Requirements

Hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing Management, Business Management, Economics, Development Studies, or a related discipline.

Have at least 6 years of applicable professional experience.

Showcase outstanding verbal and written communication capabilities.

Demonstrate creativity, adaptability, and strong problem-solving skills.

Possess keen business insight and a knack for identifying fresh prospects.

Excel in managing tight schedules and handling multiple projects concurrently.

Possess strong organizational and time management skills, with the capacity to prioritize tasks effectively.

Position 2: Account Manager


Showcase proven problem-solving abilities, efficiently addressing client issues and meeting their needs.

Demonstrate exceptional communication skills, conveying information clearly both verbally and in writing.

Stay updated on industry trends related to client behavior.

Have experience in client service, showcasing strong interpersonal skills and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Possess analytical skills to interpret client data for valuable insights.

Effectively manage time and multitask, balancing multiple tasks and client demands.

Maintain strong organizational skills, ensuring accurate records and effective task prioritization.

Position 3: Director of Public Relations

Job Requirements:

Accumulate 5+ years of experience as a Public Relations Specialist, with a proven track record of successful PR campaigns.

Hold a Bachelor’s degree in PR, Communications, Journalism, or a related field.

Possess excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

Demonstrate strong organizational and time management abilities.

Have experience in crisis management and media relations.

Showcase the ability to analyze data and translate insights into actionable strategies.

Show passion for staying informed about industry trends and adjusting communication approaches accordingly.

Position 4: Chief Editor

Job Requirements:

Possess a Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or a closely related field.

Accumulate 5+ years of experience in journalism, editorial leadership, content strategy, or a similar role.

Possess exceptional editorial skills with a deep understanding of content creation, storytelling, and best practices.

Have a proven track record of shaping thought leadership and contributing to industry publications.

Demonstrate strategic thinking with the ability to develop engaging content strategies for various media channels.

Showcase strong team leadership skills, fostering collaboration and alignment with mission goals.

Possess excellent communication skills, guiding the team to craft impactful narratives.

Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, ensuring content remains relevant and timely.

Knowledge of DFS and financial inclusion is advantageous.

Position 5: Lead Content Strategist (with research focus)

Job Requirements:

Hold a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Economics, Management, Business, or a related field.

Accumulate a minimum of 4 years of experience in research and analysis, preferably in the consulting sector.

Possess strong research, analytical, and writing skills.

Demonstrate excellent leadership, project management, and communication abilities.

Have experience with data visualization and presentation tools.

Knowledge of DFS and financial inclusion is beneficial.

Familiarity with statistical analysis software and data visualization tools is preferred.

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: Mar 12, 2024

How to Apply:

Interested candidates who meet the requirements should submit their application/motivation letters along with their updated CV via email to, mentioning the position title in the subject line.

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