Ethio Telecom Job Vacancy Announcement

Ethio Telecom has held its current status since November 29, 2010, as part of Ethiopia’s 2005/06 – 2009/10 Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). Following the federal government’s decision to prioritize the improvement of telecom services, which are considered crucial for national development, the country’s telecom infrastructure and services have been elevated to world-class standards, facilitating significant advancements in the sector.

We are seeking qualified applicants who meet the following requirements. If you are interested in joining this rapidly growing company, please apply before the vacancy closes.

Position: Cargo Crane Operator

Qualifications: Completion of 12th or 10th Grade

Required Relevant Experience: At least 8 years of experience as a driver, with a minimum of 4 years as a dry cargo, crane-mounted truck driver, or fuel truck driver.

Note: Possession of a 4th-grade or dry cargo-2 or above driving license and an additional machinery operator license is mandatory.

Job Location: Hawasa and Jimma

Vacancy End Date: July 4, 2024

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants can register online using the button below:

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