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Position: Production Optimization Engineer

Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description

About Dodai

Dodai Manufacturing Plc. (Dodai) is a recently established entity launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on August 01, 2023. Dodai is a rapidly growing organization with a mission to democratize e-mobility across Africa through innovative products and services. Dodai aims to deliver brand new electric two-wheelers by assembling them in Addis Ababa initially, with plans to expand to major regional cities in Ethiopia by the end of 2024. To achieve its objectives, Dodai is seeking dynamic Ethiopian talent.

Purpose of the Position

The Production Optimization Engineer at Dodai is tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of the production line. This role involves focusing on ergonomics, optimizing production processes, and continuously improving the production line to enhance safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Key Responsibilities

Develop and implement data acquisition systems for production metrics like cycle time, first pass yield, and defect rate.

Initiate and execute technical projects aimed at reducing inefficiencies, including utilizing software for designing and fabricating tools, automated component transport methods, and adjusting assembly processes.

Regularly assess the production process to pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.

Track and evaluate the effects of optimization initiatives on production indicators.

Perform ergonomic evaluations of workstations and tasks to detect possible inefficiencies.Collaborate with the EHS officer to design and implement ergonomic solutions to improve worker posture, reduce fatigue, and prevent injuries.

Evaluate day-to-day activities on the production line and implement necessary improvements.

Collaborate with colleagues to optimize workforce and equipment utilization.

Educate employees on efficient techniques and tools, monitoring their performance, and performing other production tasks if required.

Stay updated on the latest industry trends and best practices in E2W and E3W manufacturing.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or related fields.

Minimum of 2 years of experience in manufacturing sectors, preferably in E2W, E3W, and vehicle manufacturing.

Minimum of 1 year of experience in a similar position.

Comprehensive grasp of lean manufacturing principles and six sigma methodologies.

Expertise in Rapid Prototyping software such as Siemens NX, AutoCad, and Solidworks.

Outstanding proficiency in English communication.

In-depth knowledge of vehicle manufacturing efficiency and tooling.

Exceptional analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

Proficient in calculations and mathematics.

Hands-on approach to work.

Demonstrated ability to use various tools (jigs, saws, wrenches, etc.) and work with materials like steel, wood, and plastics for fabrication.

Capability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

Superior communication and collaboration skills.

Familiarity with Logic Programming (Arduino or similar platforms) is advantageous.

How to Apply

Qualified and interested candidates should apply through the Dodai Application Form. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Deadline: March 24, 2024

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