Belima International Business Plc Vacancy

Vacancy Announcement From Belima International Business Plc

Belima International Business Plc Is Seeking Qualified Candidates For The Following Positions:

Position 1: Junior Accountant


Organizing And Filing Financial Documents And Supporting Materials In A Systematic Manner.

Maintaining Adequate Supplies Of Forms, Registries, And Other Necessary Documents For The Finance Main Department.

Qualifications & Experience:

Responsible For Managing Both Utilized And Unused Financial Documents Within The Finance Main Department, Ensuring Proper Filing Procedures Are Followed.

Quantity: 4

Location: Addis Ababa Head Office

Position 2: Finance Director


Reporting To The Chief Executive Officer, The Finance Director Oversees And Directs Activities Related To General Accounts, Controlling, Stores, And Purchase Departments.

Responsible For Strategic Planning, Business Planning, And Implementing Decisions Made By The Company’s Governing Bodies.

Qualifications & Experience:

Ba Or Mba Degree In Finance And Banking (Accounting) Or Related Fields With At Least 8 Years Of Experience, Preferably In The Manufacturing Industry.

Position 3: Senior Mechanic


Maintenance And Repair Of Equipment And Machinery According To Established Guidelines.

Recording Maintenance Activities In Work Orders And Logbooks, And Providing Immediate Service In Case Of Sudden Failures During Production Shifts.

Qualifications & Experience:

Degree Or Relevant Certification In Mechanical Engineering Or General Mechanics With At Least 6 Years Of Experience.

Quantity: 2

Location: Sheger City, Around Menagesha Town

Position 4: Production Manager


Under The Supervision Of The Plant Manager, The Production Manager Plans, Organizes, And Oversees Production Activities.

Ensures Efficient Utilization Of Resources And Contributes To Formulating The Company’s Production Policies.

Qualifications & Experience:

Minimum 8 Years Of Relevant Experience In The Manufacturing Industry, With 4/6 Years In A Supervisory Capacity. Background In Food Science, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Or Related Fields Preferred.

Quantity: 2

Location: Sheger City, Around Menagesha Town

Position 5: ከፍተኛ መካኒክ

Duties & Responsibilities -Filing the documents for which payments are already made along with supporting documents, in their order -1 Keeping in an appropriate way all the forms, registries, documents, etc. that are used by Finance Main Department; gets supply of them before the existing ones run out Qualification & Experience: በከባድ መኪና ጥገና(ዐይሱዙ፣ኤፍ አስ አር እና የቢሮ መኪናዎች ላይ በመሥራት ከ6 ዓመት በላይ ቀጥተኛ የሥራ ልምድ ሆኖ በከፍተኛ መካኒክነት ደግሞ ከ3 ዓመት በላያ አገልግሎት ያለው Qty: 4 Work Place: ኦሮሚያ ልዩ ዞን ገላን ከተማ አስተዳደር ቱሉ ጉራቻ

How To Apply:

Interested Candidates Are Requested To Submit Their Relevant Credential Documents And Work Experience Within 7 Consecutive Working Days.

Address: Saint Lideta Church At Dashen Bank Building 6th Floor (Addis Ababa)

Tel: +251-11-156-76-67 / +251-11-156-81-80

Fax: +251-11-156-69-88

P.O.Box 56193 Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

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