Awash Bank Vacancy 2024

Established on November 10, 1994, subsequent to the collapse of the socialist regime in Ethiopia, Awash Bank stands as the nation’s pioneering private bank. With an initial capital of Birr 24.2 million contributed by 486 founding shareholders, the bank commenced its operations on February 13, 1995.

Since its inception, Awash Bank has witnessed significant growth, demonstrating exceptional operational and financial performance within the Ethiopian private banking sector despite facing global and domestic challenges. The institution is currently focused on bolstering its capital base, technological infrastructure, human resources, and customer outreach.

Awash Bank is pleased to announce job vacancies as follows:

Position 1: Customer Service and Operations Manager

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Management, Marketing, or Economics with a minimum of six years’ experience, including at least three years in operational roles.

Location: Werer Branch, Afar Gebi Resu Zone – Melka Werer Town

Position 2: Branch Manager – Class II Branch

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Economics, Management, or Business Administration with a minimum of ten years’ experience in banking, including three years in a supervisory capacity.

Location: Chilalo Branch – Assela Town

Position 3: Branch Manager – Class III Branch

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Banking & Finance, or Economics with at least nine years of relevant banking experience, including three years in a supervisory role.

Location: Meki Branch – Meki Town

Application Deadline: March 2, 2024

How to Apply:

Interested candidates meeting the specified criteria are invited to apply exclusively through the Online Job Application System at within seven days from the initial date of this announcement.

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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