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Addis Finder Trading PLC, a privately held company, focuses on Real Estate Property Marketing and Advertising, offering comprehensive services including sales, design consultation, and development. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions, offering an exciting working opportunity. Join our team and be part of building dreams, one brick at a time. Explore the open positions below and submit your application today!

Vacancy at Addis Finder Trading

Position 1: Application Developer

General Mission:

The Application Developer is tasked with developing and modifying source code for software applications tailored to meet business and client needs.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Designing, creating, coding, and updating applications, ensuring functionality and error-free operation.

Developing software solutions to meet customer needs, including CRM support.

Creating and implementing source code for new applications.

Testing and debugging source code.

Developing technical handbooks to document design and code.

Researching programming needs and required languages.

Utilizing industry-accepted testing methods to troubleshoot flaws.

Customizing existing code for efficiency and functionality, with accurate documentation of modifications.

Additional tasks as assigned by superiors.

Competencies and Professional Skills Required:

Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and PHP.

Creativity and innovative problem-solving abilities.

Excellent knowledge of Agile Development methodologies.

Proficient in crafting software solutions through test-driven development methodologies.

Proficient in coding languages like Java, C++, JavaScript, and systems/frameworks like Git, AngularJS, etc.

Strong problem-solving skills and commitment to results.

Effective communication skills.

Job Requirements:

Full-stack developer with at least 2 years of experience.

Proficiency in front-end (Next, React, Angular) and back-end (Laravel, ExpressJs, NestJs, etc.) technologies.

Experience with databases (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL) and mobile application frameworks (Flutter, React Native).

Position 2: Video Editor

General Mission:

The Video Editor is responsible for editing data, images, and producing videos from raw footage for both internal and external advertisement and promotion purposes.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitoring technical aspects of recording and editing, collaborating with production teams.

Managing tasks in collaboration with editors and team members to meet image requirements.

Selecting, editing, and positioning images for web publication.

Manipulating images for highest quality using appropriate tools.

Ensuring use of appropriate image equipment and ordering supplies.

Adding effects, graphics, dialogue, and music to enhance videos.

Researching and implementing new techniques to maximize efficiency.

Coordinating with photographers, editors, and marketing reps.

Preparing rough and final cuts for videos.

Additional tasks as assigned.

Competencies and Professional Skills Required:

Proficiency in photo editing software and technologies.

Experience with special effects, 3D, Adobe, Final Cut Pro X, compositing.

Strong skills in video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Creative thinking and excellent time management.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Job Requirements:

Earn a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Digital Media, Photography, Filmmaking, Cinematography, or a related area of study.

At least 2/4 years of experience as a Camera Operator or similar role in media agencies.

Position 3: Copy Writer/Ad Writer

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Creating and writing ad content for various media platforms to promote company products/services.

Conducting in-depth research and brainstorming new content ideas.

Writing engaging copies for promotional and marketing purposes.

Revising written material to meet standards and client needs.

Optimizing ad content for larger audience reach.

Coordinating with Graphic Designers for supporting graphics/illustrations.

Communicating with clients to understand content requirements.

Additional tasks as assigned.

Competencies and Professional Skills Required:

Understanding of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Wix.

Understanding of latest social media trends.

Highly creative and motivated.

Strong time management and organizational skills.

Excellent command of language (Amharic+ English).

Strong research and multitasking abilities.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Job Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, English, Marketing, or a related field is necessary.

At least 1+ 2 years of experience in Ad or content writing in advertisement agencies or media.

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: March 3, 2024

How to Apply:

Potential candidates meeting the requirements should apply online only through Application deadline is 7 working days from the date of this vacancy announcement.

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