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ABH Partners Plc, a prominent consultancy and human resources sourcing firm in Ethiopia, boasts approximately 15 years of experience supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. Our mission is to foster synergistic societal advancement by leveraging both local expertise and international standards. Committed to enhancing societal development, technical assistance, and knowledge management, ABH has established itself as a reputable entity in the development sector.

ABH Partners extends an invitation to potential candidates to join our diverse database, which will be utilized for recruiting staff for prospective clients.

Position: Trade Development Representative

Required Education and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Sales, Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related fields.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience.
  • Preferably experienced in team building, leadership, and related tasks.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proven track record as a Trade Development Representative or in a similar role.
  • Proficiency in various sales techniques, including cold calling.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve sales quotas.
  • Familiarity with MS Excel for analyzing spreadsheets and charts.
  • Understanding of sales performance metrics.
  • Excellent negotiation skills and the ability to deliver engaging presentations.
  • Knowledge of mediation and conflict resolution techniques is advantageous.
  • Proficiency in English, Amharic, and the local language.

The Trade Development Representative plays a pivotal role in promoting and facilitating trade between businesses across different regions or locations. Responsibilities include identifying potential trade opportunities, cultivating relationships with potential partners, and offering support and guidance to businesses seeking to expand their market reach. Additionally, the role involves increasing subscriber numbers through registrations within designated market zones to meet and exceed acquisition targets via direct selling and trade activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Qualifying leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities.
  • Contacting potential clients through various channels such as in-person visits, calls, and emails.
  • Presenting company products and services to potential clients.
  • Identifying client needs and recommending suitable products/services.
  • Establishing long-term, trust-based relationships with clients.
  • Proactively seeking new business opportunities in the market.
  • Arranging meetings or calls with prospective clients.
  • Providing regular reports to immediate supervisors.
  • Staying informed about new products/services and pricing/payment plans.
  • Utilizing excellent knowledge to enhance customer support.
  • Employing various sales methods to secure sales.
  • Forecasting sales, developing innovative sales strategies, and evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Evaluating customers’ needs and skills, fostering productive, long-lasting relationships.
  • Providing feedback and reports to immediate supervisors using financial statistical data.
  • Expanding and maintaining the client database within the assigned territory.

Required Number: 200


  1. North Eastern Ethiopia: (Debre Berhan, Kombolcha, Bestima, Haik, Filahit, Shewa Robit, Kemise, Kobo, Semera, Mersa, Weldiya, Harbu, Dessie)
  2. Central Ethiopia: (Mojo, Bishoftu, Huruta, Arsi Negele, Dodola, Asasa, Batu, Asela, Gelan, Dukem, Dera, Adama, Maki, Shashemene)
  3. Eastern Ethiopia: (Aweday, Haromaya, Kersa, Melka, Rafa, Kombolcha, East, Harer, Mieso, Hirna, Gelemso, Karamile, Deder, Chelenko, Gursum, Chiro, Sabian, Shell, Kezira, Degehabur, Gode, Jijiga).
  4. Western Ethiopia: (Sebategna Merkato, Kality, Bisrate Gebriel Lideta, Addisu Gebeya, Merkato Atkelt Tera, Asko NOC 18, Keranyo, Weyra Zenebe Werk, Jemmo, Ayer Tena, Burayu, Sululta, Dima Tefki, Lafto Hana, Mexico Kera, Mekanisa, Gotera Gofa, Hana, Akaki Garmnet, Alemgena, Sebeta Melka Kunture, Kara, Alembank, Furi Welete).

Deadline: April 24, 2024

How To Apply:

Qualified and interested applicants can apply through the following link: EthioTalent Job Detail Page

for job notifications join telegram https://t.me/kenajob

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