HMM Trading PLC Vacancy Announcement vacancy 2024

job list at HMM Trading PLC

Position 1: Easy Truck Driver


Safely operate and maneuver easy trucks within and around Addis Ababa.

Transport goods and materials to designated locations.

Follow traffic rules and keep a spotless driving history.

Perform regular vehicle checks and promptly report any problems.

Guarantee the prompt and effective transportation of goods.

Maintain clear communication with dispatch and fellow team members.

Required Number: 40

Salary: 12,000 ETB

Position 2: Kachamale Driver


Operate Kachamale vehicles responsibly and efficiently.

Transport materials and goods in accordance with established routes.

Maintain a valid Dereq 3 driving license.

Conduct regular vehicle checks and report any maintenance needs.

Collaborate with team members to ensure timely deliveries.

Required Number: 10

Salary: 12,000 ETB

Position 3: Heavy Truck Driver


Operate heavy trucks with adherence to safety standards.

Transport heavy goods and materials within Addis Ababa.

Possess a valid Dereq 3 or old 5th driving license.

Conduct thorough pre-trip inspections and report any defects.

Ensure the safe and efficient delivery of heavy cargo.

Required Number: 10

Salary: 16,000 ETB

Position 4: ICT/Camera Man


Capture high-quality images and videos for various projects.

Utilize ICT tools for effective documentation and recording.

Possess a relevant certification in photography or videography.

Collaborate with teams to meet project requirements.

Demonstrate creativity and technical proficiency in camera operation.

Required Number: 10

Salary: 10,000 ETB

Position 5: Mechanic


Conduct mechanical repairs and maintenance on vehicles.

Diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues.

Possess a demonstrated 4-year experience in vehicle maintenance.

Perform routine inspections and preventive maintenance.

Collaborate with other mechanics and team members.

Required Number: 10

Salary: 30,000 ETB

Position 6: Electrician


Perform electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Possess 4 years or more of experience in electrical work.

Read and interpret electrical schematics and blueprints.

Collaborate with other electricians to ensure project completion.

Adhere to safety standards and regulations.

Required Number: 10

Salary: 30,000 ETB

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants can apply in person in Addis Ababa, Alem Gena until January 25, 2024.

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